4 Sided Planer 202

A 4-sided planer moulder, also known as a 4-sided moulder or a four-sided planer, is a highly versatile woodworking machine that is specifically designed to shape, surface, and profile lumber or timber. This machine is widely used in industrial woodworking settings, such as furniture manufacturing, flooring production, and molding production, to efficiently process wood and create finished products with precision and consistency.

At its core, a 4-sided planer moulder combines the functionalities of both a planer and a moulder into a single machine. It is capable of performing multiple operations on all four sides of a piece of wood in a single pass. This is in contrast to traditional planers or moulders, which typically operate on one or two sides at a time, requiring multiple passes to achieve desired results.

Benefits of using a 4-sided planer moulder:

Increased Productivity

A 4-sided planer moulder significantly improves productivity by allowing you to plane, mold, dado, and edge-band all four sides of a workpiece in a single pass. This means you can process workpieces much faster than doing each operation separately on different machines. For production work, the increased speed and throughput can make a big difference.

Consistent Results

Since all four sides are cut simultaneously, the finished workpieces will have consistent dimensions, angles, edges and profiles. There is less chance of variation between sides compared to processing workpieces individually on separate machines. This consistency improves the quality and appearance of the final products.


4-sided planer moulders are versatile machines that can perform a wide range of operations. In addition to planning and molding, they can typically cut dados, rabbets, cope joints and edge-band. This allows you to dramatically expand the range of products you can make with just one machine.

Accurate Perpendicularity

The opposing cutterheads ensure that opposing faces cut are precisely square and perpendicular. This produces workpieces with accurate and reliable right angles between sides. Not having to double check and fine tune angles saves time and improves results.

Reduced Labor

Since a 4-sided planer moulder performs multiple operations automatically with one setup, it requires less human labor input compared to separate machines. The machine can often run unattended once programmed and set up properly. This frees up workers for other tasks.

Material Savings

Simultaneous profiling on all four sides reduces material wastage compared to individually processing each face. There are no overlaps in cuts, allowing the machine to make the most efficient use of your lumber and sheet materials. Over time, this can add up to significant material savings.

Smooth Finish

Opposing cutterheads produce a smooth finish on workpieces since sides are planed together. This results in pieces with an appearance closer to that of hand planed lumber.


4-sided planer moulders can typically handle a wide range of stock sizes, thicknesses and wood types. They can profile solid lumber, sheet goods, and even some non-wood materials. This versatile functionality matches the capabilities of many separate machines in one.

In summary, the key benefits of a 4-sided planer moulder revolve around dramatic increases in speed, consistency and flexibility of operations – allowing woodworkers to expand their capabilities, produce higher quality results and become more efficient and productive.

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