Automatic Wooden Dowel Milling Machine 201

Automatic Wood Dowel Making Machine

  • Processing diameter :6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
  • Feeding speed : 2.5m/min
  • Spindle velocity : 3250r/min
  • Main motor : 0.75kw
  • Application : This wooden dowel making machine is mainly used for processing with spiral lines of wooden round rod, is indispensable to board type furniture production line equipment.

Product Description

A wood dowel making machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to produce wooden dowels. Dowels are cylindrical rods typically made of wood and used in various applications, such as furniture construction, woodworking, cabinetry, and crafts. These machines automate the process of creating dowels, saving time and effort compared to manual dowel-making methods.

Wood dowel making machines offer a reliable and efficient way to produce dowels with consistent dimensions and quality. They are widely used in industries such as furniture manufacturing, woodworking, and crafts, where dowels are essential components. By automating the dowel-making process, these machines save time, improve productivity, and ensure uniform dowel production.

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Automatic Dowel Cutting Machine

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Finnal Product:

Wooden Dowel

Product Parameters

Parameters Of Wood Dowel Making Machine

Spindle rotation3250r/min

Parameters Of Wood Dowel Cutting Machine

Truncating diameter6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
Truncating length30-80mm

Detailed Photos

automatic dowel making machine 005
automatic dowel making machine 003
automatic dowel making machine 004
automatic dowel making machine 002
round stick machine 001

1.Single Round Rod Stick Making Machine

This single-stick making machine has automatic feeding, automatic return two functions, and the material in the processing of traditional round rods (shovel, mop) at the same time, and increase the function of making wood rod, this equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoes, wood rob, mop and production tools in the wood of workers & peasants, and furniture decoration.

2.Round Stick Threading Machine

The round bar threading machine is one type multi-functional machine, and it has functionsof opening teeth, sizing and
grinding,and can also realize one of these functions. It can be customized according to customer’s needs. It is mainly used for making broom rods, mop rods, etc., wooden rods.
Broomstick Screw & Round Dome Machine
Round Bar Stick Polishing Machine

3.Round Bar Stick Polishing Machine

The round bar polishing machine is mainly used for polishing and grinding the surface of the round bar. Main components include the machine base, the body and the transmission and feeding device.

4.Broomstick PVC Coating Machine

Broom Stick PVC Coating Machine mainly for the broom stick or mop stick handle for coating PVC automatically.It including three functions,auto feeding broom stick to the each screw for coating PVC,when finished coating PVC,then will go to steam machine for
heating the process.
Broomstick Cap Nailing Machine

5.Broom Handle Cap Nailing Machine

Broom Handle Cap Nailing Machine is used for installing the plastic cap automatically. It is much high efficient than manual.

Broom handle cap nailing machine can be also equipped with pvc coating machine, which can reach fully automatic broom handles
production line.

6.Broomstick Label Machine

This is our automatic broomstick label machine which can process length from 1100 mm to 1400 mm, it can be customized for you according to your requests.
It can be equipped with countable discharge conveyor.

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