4 Sided Planer 201

A 4-sided planer moulder works by having cutterheads on all four sides of the machine that shape and profile a workpiece as it is fed through.

How the machine operates:

The workpiece is loaded onto the infeed table of the machine. This may be done manually or automatically depending on the model.

The infeed rollers, powered by the machine’s motor and gearbox, engage and begin feeding the workpiece into the machine.

The upper and lower conveyor tables work together to guide the workpiece straight through the machine.

As the workpiece enters the machine, the opposing cutterheads (on the top and bottom) engage first and begin planing or profiling the top and bottom faces.

The cutterheads are spinning at high speed, driven by the main motor and gearbox. The shape and size of the cutters or knives determine the operation being performed.

As the workpiece continues through the machine, the side cutterheads engage and plane or profile the two side faces. This happens simultaneously with the top and bottom faces being cut.

The opposing cutterheads work together to ensure the faces cut are perfectly square and perpendicular to each other. The machine’s precision guides and adjustments help ensure accuracy.

Dust extraction systems attached to the machine remove dust and chips created during the cutting process, keeping the work area clean.

The outfeed rollers continue feeding the workpiece until all four sides have been fully cut. The workpiece then exits the machine.

The completed workpiece now has all four sides planed flat, profiled with moldings, bordered with edge banding, or cut with dadoes and rabbets – all in a single pass through the machine.

The entire process, from loading the workpiece to finished product exiting, typically takes only a matter of seconds on a powerful 4-sided planer moulder.

In summary, 4-sided planer moulders achieve significant increases in speed, consistency and precision by simultaneously shaping all four faces of a workpiece as it moves through opposing cutterheads on a guided conveyor system. The versatility of the cutters allows the machine to perform multiple operations on dimensional lumber, panel products and more.

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