804, 2024

ZZCHRYSO Factory Delivers Round Stick Machine to Mexico

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ZZCHRYSO has successfully delivered a round bar machine to a customer in Mexico, marking a significant milestone in our company's expansion in the Mexican market. The customer's purchase of a machine capable of simultaneously producing multiple round bars demonstrates their commitment to improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. [...]

311, 2023

ZZCHRYSO Delivers Round Rod Machine to Polish Customer

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Poland's leading mop pole factory is set to experience a significant boost in production capacity with the recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art round rod machine production line from ZZCHRYSO. This collaboration between the Polish customer and ZZCHRYSO reflects the power of online connectivity, as the customer discovered the top-tier machinery manufacturer through the [...]

2509, 2023

ZZCHRYSO Delivers High-Quality Round Rod Making Machine to Israeli Customer

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In a significant development for ZZCHRYSO, the renowned machinery manufacturer recently completed the production and delivery of a state-of-the-art round rod making machine for an Israeli customer. This customer, operating a wooden mop rod processing plant, sought to enhance their production capacity and turned to ZZCHRYSO after discovering their impressive track record and expertise [...]

3008, 2023

Brazil Universal Spindle 4 Sides Moulder Machine for Shipment

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In a significant leap forward for the Brazilian woodworking industry, ZZCHRYSO, a renowned manufacturer of woodworking machinery, has successfully shipped their latest innovation, the Universal Spindle 4 Side Moulder, to a delighted Brazilian customer. This high-end machine comes equipped with a unique feature that sets it apart from traditional moulders: a revolutionary universal spindle [...]

2408, 2023

Successful Implementation of the Square Wood Multi-Blade Rip Saw in Vietnam

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In the realm of industrial machinery, the successful implementation of cutting-edge equipment marks a significant milestone for both the supplier and the customer. Such achievements not only demonstrate the capabilities of the machinery but also reflect the dedication of the supplier in providing exceptional customer service. Recently, our company had the privilege of selling [...]

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